2020 Subaru Ascent - Specs, Performance, Review

2020 Subaru Ascent - Specs, Performance, Review

When it was launched in 2017, the Subaru Ascent occupied a unique place in the market. As a large, three-row SUV aimed directly at family driving, it offered a great mix of power and comfort at an attractive entry-level price. Will the new 2020 model stick to that successful format? Read our 2020 Subaru Ascent review to find out.



Powertrain and Performance 


All trim levels of the 2020 Ascent are based around the same engine, a 2.4L turbo boxer producing 260 horsepower and 277lb-ft of torque. This highly respectable amount of power is passed through a natural-feeling CVT to all-wheel drive.


The final result is a satisfying level of performance, with plenty in reserve for fast starts and easy highway passing.


The handling and driveability is further improved by the inclusion of the Subaru X-Mode system on all models, offering an enhanced, assured feel in difficult driving conditions.


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The infotainment system is accessed through a 6.5" touchscreen, which seems larger and clearer than you'd expect from its modest size. Connectivity is provided by Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus satellite radio capability with an optional subscription.


Comfort levels are good, with the front row seats featuring three-stage heating, and up to eight passengers in total enjoying plenty of room.


Safety Features 


As a family SUV, the Ascent is well-provided for with safety features. Subaru's Eyesight system includes important technologies such as collision detection and avoidance, lane-keeping assist, and a nifty alert which sounds if the Ascent stays stationary when surrounding traffic starts to move.


One notable addition for 2020 is a rear-seat warning system. Designed to help prevent a child or pet from being left behind in the car by accident, the system reminds the driver to check the rear whenever the engine is turned off and the rear doors have been used recently. This is a great addition for a family SUV, and one that's sure to become widely used across the industry.


Pricing for the 2020 Subaru Ascent in Canada 


Starting at $40,000 for the Convenience trim and rising to $52,000 for the Premier model, the Ascent's pricing is extremely competitive for a high-class family SUV (See our inventory pricing here).


Our Price
$48,150 - $49,900
$42,350 - $42,850

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