2020 WRX Series White - Concept Review

2020 WRX Series White - Concept Review

When it comes to high-performance luxury cars, Subaru might not have the instant brand recognition of companies like Ferrari or Audi, but this relative lack of fame is undeserved. The top models in the company's WRX range are up there with the best street-legal, track-oriented cars, yet they're available for a surprisingly low price.



Subaru has recently announced a new addition to the stable, the strictly limited Series White Concept, billed by the company as their most powerful WRX yet. Read our 2020 WRX Concept review to see what's in store for just 500 lucky owners.


Searing Performance 


Reading the 2020 WRX specs gives a clear picture of the high-performance market the car is aimed at. Based around a 268hp WRX Premium engine, with a six-speed manual transmission funnelling the power to all-wheel drive, the Series White offers searing performance that's equally at home on the racetrack or the highway.


Responsive Handling and Control 


With this much power available, the engineering needs to be designed with confident handling in mind. The Series White upgrades the WRX's standard suspension to a sport-tuned Bilstein configuration, backed up by Brembo brakes with eye-catching red calipers.


This set up gives a smooth and controlled drive even at high power, and the advanced steering-responsive headlights ensure full visibility however fast you take on the curves.


2020 Subaru WRX series


Interior Tech and Comfort 


The Series White's infotainment duties are handled by a 7" touchscreen giving access to the Subaru Starlink system, providing a full multimedia experience along with advanced navigation and smartphone connectivity. Starlink also includes a solid range of safety functions as standards, such as automatic collision notification, stolen vehicle recovery, enhanced roadside assistance, and more.


Comfort is ensured by heated front seats, made to the Recaro performance design to ensure an ergonomic driving position however hard you push the car.


Subaru WRX Series White: The Verdict 


Subaru has a reliable pedigree for launching limited edition specials, and with a strictly controlled production run of just 500 units, the 2020 WRX Series White is set to become a highly sought-after collectors' item. And with a starting price of around $46,000 (USD $33,995), enjoying the thrilling performance of this latest WRX is astonishingly affordable too.

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