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2022 Subaru Forester Wilderness

The 2022 Subaru Forester Wilderness is designed like no other Forester. This SUV is meant purely for off-roading enthusiasts who require a stylish, dependable, high-quality SUV for weekdays and want to explore the great outdoors on the weekend. This SUV comes standard with many wilderness off-roading capabilities and exterior features, as the name implies. If you’re in the market for an SUV that’s a bit different, then you’ve come to the right place as we’ll be reviewing this great new SUV.


The interior has luxurious soft-touch materials, including yellow accents on the steering wheel, gear shift, and seat stitching. A nice touch is the inclusion of the Wilderness logo embossed on the front seats. The SUV has four doors, and it has ample space to transport five passengers. The interior style is updated with extensive driver assistance aids and advanced technology.

The black painted 43.1cm black-painted alloy wheels with all-terrain tires have been added, and the ground clearance has been increased from 22cm to 23.36cm, which will give you a better view of your surroundings. The increased lift and underbody skid plates also reduce any risk of scratching the bottom of the SUV as you travel over uneven territory. The coil-spring suspension has been upgraded, and the transmission has been adapted to fair better on harsh terrain. Other new features include a front-facing camera, protective plastic covers on the fenders and bumpers, and LED fog lights. The roof rails have been strengthened to increase static load capacity and include tie-down points.


The 2022 Subaru Forester Wilderness has a 2.5-litre direct injection engine capable of producing 182 hp and 176 lb-ft of torque. This SUV knocks its off-road competitors out of the water with fantastic fuel efficiency. You'll be able to get approximately 11km/L combined.

The X-Mode setting maximizes traction when you’re driving over uneven terrain. The system constantly monitors power distribution and adjusts it where it senses it’s needed the most.

Safety Features

The SUV has Subaru’s EyeSight driver assist, independently verified to reduce collisions and injuries by 85%. The EyeSight driver assist system acts as your second pair of eyes and monitors the road ahead. The system can sense traffic movement, optimize cruise control, and warn you if you move out of your lane. The system’s most important feature is that it can reduce engine power in the event of a crash. This power reduction minimizes the force of impact and frontal damage.

Learn More and Get Pricing

Contact a Subaru dealership to learn more about the 2022 Subaru Forester Wilderness. Speak with a Subaru representative to get pricing and arrange a test drive. You can also speak with a Subaru financial consultant that’ll assist you in getting the best deal on your new off-roading Subaru SUV. You can reserve yours today and be on your way to great off-roading adventures in no time!