Looking for a Car Financing in Sherwood Park

Looking for a Car Financing in Sherwood Park

For most people, buying a new or used car means arranging finance to cover some or all of the cost. And while a fortunate few can take their pick of car loans and the other types of borrowing on offer, if you have a less than perfect credit rating most options aren't as easily available.   If you've had car financing applications rejected from your bank or other lenders, you may be wondering whether your credit status is holding you back from replacing your car. The good news is we can arrange auto financing in Sherwood Park for people with a wide range of credit ratings, from very good to very bad, at attractive rates that can get you on the road for less.

Six Easy Steps to Car Financing in Sherwood Park

At Rally Subaru we have strong relationships with a number of auto financing specialists and can work with you to put together the right package for your circumstances. Whether you're looking for a great rate on a new car or help with affording one of our used models, we can help you get behind the wheel by following these six simple steps.

1) Examine Your Finances

First, decide how much you can realistically afford in monthly repayments for your car financing. It's important not to overspend and leave yourself in financial difficulties. If your credit rating is already less than perfect, committing to unaffordable repayments will only make the situation worse. In general, aim to spend no more than 10% of your take-home pay on loan repayments, although this figure can vary depending on how much other debt you already have.

2) Use Our Loan Calculator.

Next, use our free loan calculator to see how much your repayments could let you borrow. Don't forget to try out different repayment terms to see how spreading repayments for longer lets you afford a better car for the same monthly amount.

3) Check Your Credit Rating

Before making an application, use a free online credit check service to see if you have any black marks on your file that could slow down the process. It's better to know about any potential problems now so you can get them fixed before making an application. For example, you may have debts listed on your file that you've since cleared, and you can get errors like this fixed free of charge.

4) Apply Online

Use our short, no-obligation auto financing application form to send us your details. Once we've got your information we'll start work sourcing the right finance package at the lowest possible cost.

5) Choose Your Car

Once we've got you a deal, browse our online inventory to choose the car you want, and take it for a test drive.

6) Complete the Paperwork

Finally, we'll just need to confirm the details of your vehicle purchase and finalize the financing terms, then take your signature at our Sherwood Park office to complete the paperwork. And that's it, you can now drive away in your new or used car from Rally Subaru.

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