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Importance of tire pressure

Importance of tire pressure

Subaru vehicles are famed for their advanced symmetrical all-wheel drive systems that provide some of the best handling on the market, able to cope with all the tough conditions found in Canadian driving. But even with this advanced engineering, your Subaru will only perform safely and efficiently if its tires are in good condition.


All tires wear out eventually, and sooner or later you'll need to replace your Subaru tires with a fresh set. But there's a simple step you can take to slow down tire wear, and reduce the expense and hassle that comes with fitting a new set. Keeping an eye on your tires' pressure and keeping them correctly inflated will prolong their life significantly, while also increasing the safety and performance of your Subaru. Here's why.


If the Tire Pressure is Too Low


Tires which aren't inflated to a high enough pressure wear out more quickly at the tread edges. This makes the tires grow hotter as you drive, which increases the wear and tear even further. What's more, underinflated tires offer sluggish performance, poor steering ability, and increased costs at the fuel pump.


If the Tire Pressure is Too High


However, tires which are overinflated offer just as many problems, if not more. Tires under too high a pressure wear out more quickly on the centre tread, drastically reducing their usable life. But the high pressure offers other problems by making your drive bumpier and stiffer, which also increases the risks to your Subaru's suspension if you drive over an obstacle. And lastly, high tire pressure also increases stopping distances while making steering less accurate, with all the potential safety worries those problems will bring.


How Often to Check Your Tires


For all of these reasons it's a good idea to check the tire pressure on your Subaru roughly once a month. Even brand-new tires from your Subaru dealer will lose a little pressure as you drive, so checking them regularly means you can keep them close to their perfect level at all times. If you're not sure what this level is, you can find the information labelled on the driver's side door jamb, in your car's service manual, or by asking at your Subaru dealer.


But as a second important benefit, checking the tire pressure once a month means you'll soon notice if a tire is losing pressure more quickly than normal, which could be a warning that the tire is degrading and might need an inspection to avoid an unexpected failure.


Book a Tire Inspection at Our Subaru Service Centre


Ensure your tires are kept in safe and efficient condition by booking a tire inspection at the Rally Subaru service centre. Our expert technicians can check for a safe tread depth and diagnose any other problems, and also rotate the tires if needed to ensure even wear and predictable handling. And if we spot a problem that means your tires may need replacing, we'll give you a competitive quote for a new set of genuine Subaru tires that'll keep your vehicle performing as you expect.

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