Importance of Regular Oil Changes

Importance of Regular Oil Changes

Oil is an essential for your vehicle's health, keeping the engine and other moving parts lubricated and clean. And while an oil change can seem like a minor maintenance issue that can be safely put off to a later day, neglecting your car's oil can have some serious and expensive effects.


Potential Engine Damage and Failure

Potential Engine Damage and Failure


Running out of oil completely means that in many parts of your car's engineering, metal will be rubbing against metal. Not only does this make the parts wear out much more quickly, but the friction can make the components so hot that they actually weld together, causing irreparable damage.


But not changing the oil regularly can have an impact that's slower and less dramatic than running out, yet just as bad for your car. Firstly, over time dirt and debris will start to build up in the oil, making it thicker and less able to lubricate effectively. In the worst cases, dirty oil can become actively abrasive, wearing down moving parts and eventually causing a full engine failure.


And even if the oil stays clean and clear, its active ingredients will eventually start to degrade. The careful balance of detergents, rust prevention agents, and friction-reducing ingredients becomes less effective, with the same overall result of eventual engine failure.


But even without considering potential engine damage, changing the oil regularly provides several other benefits. Your Subaru will run smoother and quieter for a more relaxing drive, and you'll see improved fuel economy as your engine doesn't need to fight the friction caused by poor lubrication.


How Often to Change Your Subaru's Oil and Filter


Bearing these points in mind, it's clear that regularly changing your car's oil and oil filter is an important way of prolonging its life and reducing your repair bills. But how often should you change the oil? The answer depends on various factors, including the following main ones.


- The Age of Your Vehicle: Older cars generally schedule oil changes by the distance driven, while newer cars actively monitor oil quality and alert when a change is needed.


- The Kind of Oil You Use: Modern synthetic oils can last for up to five times as long as traditional oils, with some formulas good for 20,000km or more.


- How and Where You Drive: If your driving involves lots of shorter journeys with frequent stopping and starting, the oil will need changing more frequently than if you mainly cruise on the highway.


If you're unsure how often your car's oil needs changing, call into your local Rally Subaru dealer and our technicians will be happy to help.


Book an Oil Change at Rally Subaru

Book an Oil Change at Rally Subaru


Checking your car's oil level and condition is easy, even for a complete beginner at auto maintenance. But for total safety and peace of mind, any Subaru dealer including us here at Rally can check and change your car's oil and filters in minutes. It's a simple, inexpensive, but important task that could save you a huge amount of money and hassle in the future.


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