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Get Rally Ready in a Subaru Impreza

For Subaru drivers, the jingle of keys is a prelude to adventure. Approach your Impreza and stop. Let your gaze play over the aerodynamic, low-slung stance and the moulded contours of the body panelling. The light accentuates the alloy wheels and picks up a sparkle from the LED headlights. Slip into the driver’s seat, and let the richly-appointed interior enfold you.


Experience the Legendary Boxer Engine

The legendary SUBARU BOXER engine delivers a one-two punch of power and efficiency. Its horizontal pistons make the engine profile flatter and lower, which gives the Impreza a lower centre of gravity for superior handling. This layout also reduces vibration and improves balance. Altogether, it’s an engine that lives up to its racing roots while delivering exceptional fuel efficiency. Power and efficiency, what more could you want to turn the roadway into race day? Get rally ready in a Subaru Impreza.

All-Wheel Drive for All Seasons

When Subaru set out to give the Impreza its superior traction and handling, they redesigned the concept of an all-wheel-drive from the ground up. The result? Subaru’s symmetrical full-time AWD system. This system continuously sends power to all four wheels, giving you the freedom to take on any terrain with agility and confidence. Since the AWD system was incorporated into the drivetrain with symmetry and simplicity in mind, it outshines all others in handling and durability. It can handle unpredictable weather and road conditions without breaking a sweat. Put the joy back in your ride with an Impreza.

Impreza Puts the Fun in Functionality

The Impreza may have a racing heritage, but it was designed with real life in mind. The spacious cabin provides room for all of your friends to stretch out in, and the generous cargo area lets you store your gear with ease. Redesigned seats make road trips more comfortable, while their lines hint at sporty fun. Want to stay connected on the go? All of the infotainment options make smartphone integration easy with the intuitive high-resolution touchscreen. Plug in, choose your tunes, and cruise down the highway knowing you’re connected wherever you roam.

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