What is Subaru STARLINK

What is Subaru STARLINK

Subaru cars are among the best equipped on the market, supplied with a huge amount of features and technology packed into every vehicle. And while infotainment touchscreens, smartphone integration, and navigation may be commonplace with every automaker, there's one kind of in-vehicle technology that sets Subaru apart from the rest.


Subaru STARLINK is a suite of connected services that works as an interface between your Subaru and the world around you, increasing safety, security, and convenience for every drive. Here are the key features you can expect to enjoy from this unique in-vehicle technology package.


Increased Safety

Increased Safety


The STARLINK system adds to the already extensive suite of safety and driver assist functions available on your Subaru. The most straightforward safety feature is an enhanced roadside assistance program, where non-emergency help can be summoned with the press of a single button, using GPS to deliver your precise location to the assistance service.


But for emergency situations, a similar feature allows one-button contact with a real person at STARLINK headquarters, who can quickly and efficiently arrange any help you need.


And finally, the system also features automatic collision detection, and will initiate contact with a STARLINK representative if one occurs. The representative will try to establish voice communication with you or your passengers, determine the nature of the emergency, and ensure that the emergency services are alerted whether or not contact is made.


Increased Security


Vehicle security also receives a significant boost with the STARLINK system, using a combination of GPS tracking and human interaction to protect against vehicle theft in two ways. First, if the security alarm is triggered in your Subaru, the STARLINK system will send you an alert via the linked smartphone app, notifying you of a potential theft wherever you may be.


And if the car does turn out to be stolen, the second security feature allows remote activation of the immobilization feature upon request by the local law enforcement. From then on, no attempts to start the Subaru will succeed until the stolen vehicle is recovered.


Increased Convenience


Combine STARLINK with the MySubaru App and you can control many functions of your vehicle remotely using your smartphone. For example, you can turn on the engine and climate control before you leave your home, ensuring a comfortable interior will await you whatever the weather. You can use the app to locate your vehicle in a busy parking lot, set up an alert for if the car is used without you, and check essential information such as fuel level, health reports, and more.


Concierge Services

Concierge Services


Lastly, STARLINK provides every driver with a concierge service that will help you find restaurants, Subaru service centres, and more wherever you happen to find yourself. Whatever services you might need in an unfamiliar area, our call centre staff are on hand to help, and can even send directions straight to your Subaru's in-car navigation system.


Experience Subaru STARLINK for Yourself


Get a real feel of the benefits of Subaru STARLINK by booking a test drive of any currently equipped vehicle from Rally Subaru, your local Subaru dealer.

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