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Why service your Subaru at the dealership?

Why service your Subaru at the dealership?

Automobiles provide the ability to drive to many different destinations with ease. However, after so many kilometres on the odometer, your vehicle is sure to need some type of service, even if it is just routine maintenance including oil changes or a tire rotation that you cannot do yourself.


With so many mechanics and service centres dotting city streets, it is hard to imagine driving all the way to the dealership for routine maintenance and other repairs. Is servicing your Subaru at the dealership really the right choice?


Why You Should Service Your Subaru at Rally Subaru Service Centre



Rally Subaru is a Subaru dealership in Edmonton that is staffed by certified Subaru technicians that will keep your vehicle running its very best. The service department at Rally Subaru can be trusted not only for routine maintenance but also for significant repairs. Their technicians can provide general inspections, tire rotation, tune ups, transmission replacements, oil changes, battery installation, and much more.


Quality, Certified Technicians



Dealerships are typically the safest choice when it comes to vehicle maintenance and repair. At Rally Subaru, you will get service from a factory-trained technician who is specifically trained to know the inner workings of your Subaru vehicle. They know what it takes to keep your Subaru running the way it was intended to run.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts



By having your vehicle serviced at Rally Subaru, you are ensuring that it receives Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts in every repair that it undergoes. From oil filters to brake pads, spark plugs to lug nuts, Rally Subaru believes that the best parts for your vehicle are the ones with which it was built.


While independent mechanics might use aftermarket parts that save on the initial cost, they are not of the same quality as OEM parts. OEM parts also usually offer a warranty against failure for a specific period of time, saving drivers money in the event of another repair.


Technical Service Bulletins or Recalls



Every now and then, automobile manufacturers issue recalls to make slight adjustments to a car's part or software system. When these are issued, the factory-trained technicians at Rally Subaru know exactly how to make the repairs according to the manufacturer's instructions. On the other hand, independent mechanics cannot adequately address manufacturer recalls.


Warranty Work



For owners of new or late model vehicles, it is also important to consider the vehicle's warranty when deciding between a dealership service centre like Rally Subaru or an independent mechanic. If your vehicle warranty is still valid, the dealership's Subaru service centre should be the first stop to ascertain whether the repair or replacement is covered under warranty. Depending on the issue, the dealership may cover some or all of the service cost.


Why Rally Subaru is the Best Place for Service



A Subaru service centre, like the one at Rally Subaru, is the right place for vehicles to get service, whether it is simply routine maintenance or an unexpected repair issue. With certified technicians, OEM parts, and a dedication to providing the best service possible, Rally Subaru's service centre offers numerous benefits for drivers that want their car repaired quickly and correctly.

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